Wonderful class

Thanks for a wonderful class on Saturday. Thoroughly enjoyed it Have my art work hanging up at home which is the first art piece I’ve done which I was proud to display.

So much fun!

Either you want to paint a piece just once or want to learn basics of painting, Peter is the right one to go to.

You will be surprised how much you learn in 4 hours.

This class is much different from those 2 hour fun painting nights being held at a local bar and it's well worth the extra money spent. Peter is patient, knowing and good at what he is doing, and the whole philosophy of his is just so fun.

P.S. - this class is for learning not for socialising... the schedule is actually quite tight. For perfectionist you may not even have enough time to get there. But he teaches enough knowledge and you could even refine your painting afterwards at home.

(Google 5 star review)

We enjoyed every minute

Of course we enjoyed every minute attending your painting class!

It is amazing that both of us with very limited painting experience ended up drawing our own masterpieces just within four hours!

All thanks to you with your very effective teaching method and patient guidance.

It's been a great experience for us, we had such a great time!

Thank you so much again, you are great!

We all had a great time

We all had a great time.

You created a very positive environment for us to relax and get into the creative mood!

I do sketching and painting art in my own spare time and I value the opportunity to learn a few new skills and some extra enthusiasm to add to the artwork.