Audition for Boutique Art Coaching

This session has 3 clear goals:
  1. 1. Foundation | This session lays a technical and theoretical foundation for your work in the regular sessions.
  2. 2. Assessment | It is an assessment of how well you work in our boutique atelier environment.
  3. 3. Complete a Monet in one session

Materials included



People come to art coaching with widely varying levels of experience.
This session is an intensive foundation course in the way we paint at Inglis Academy.
Any subsequent sessions you do at Inglis Academy assume that you have this foundational knowledge.
Click the buttons for more information on aspects of the Inglis Art Method which we will cover in this first session:
Artists Atmospheric Perspective Chevreul Colour System Composition Constructivist Brush Stroke Impressionism Kineaesthetic Perception Monet Monet Brush Strokes Palette: Basic Process
If this sounds too intense for you, or not your idea of fun, then it may not be your cup of tea.
Sydney has a generous offering of more casual art sessions.


Please note: I am not assessing your current ability to paint or draw.

Rather, I will make an assessment of your:
So whether you are a rank beginner, a seasoned professional who understands the value of recurrent training, or somewhere in between, you are welcome to do this introductory session.
If I assess that you are suitable you have the opportunity to join a select group of art enthusiasts in my Monet and Friends program.

Complete a Monet in one session

In this session you complete one of Monet's most popular paintings: Monet: Poppy Field Near Argenteuil, 1873.
How good a painter are you?
How would you like to be able to answer that question truthfully with "I paint Monet!"
After this session you will be the Monet Expert at your next dinner party!

In your audition I will coach you through my 4 step process and Monet’s techniques as you complete this iconic painting: Monet: Poppy Field Near Argenteuil, 1873.
I have developed the world's most accelerated art education method to help you become the painter you want to be.
How good is this method?
Click on the link to read some testimonials.

After the audition, what's next?

Now that you have opened a door into creating fine art you'll most likely want to come back and paint more pieces by:
Monet Cezanne Van Gogh Klimt Vermeer
As well as developing your appreciation of the wonderful Australian landscape with:
Aussie Landscapes

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