Theory, structure and practice

Hi Peter,

Thanks for giving us a very informative and fun painting class. My friend and I had a great time : < )

I find it very helpful to go through a little bit background/history and I like the way you combined both theory/structure and practice in the session.

Also it turned out to be much easier to finish the painting in four hours with your step by step instructions.

The size of the class is just right - we each got specific advice for ourselves and meanwhile we got the chance to see different perspectives each individual had for the same thing.

Overall, it's an extremely fun experience which went beyond my initial expectation. Thank you very much by putting together everything to make it happen!

Will definitely try another one later.


Sharon's painting of Monet: Summer (Meadow at Bezons), 1874, completed in one coaching session at Inglis Academy, Sydney.

Palm Beach in the style of Cezanne

Student paintings of Palm Beach from West Head - image ©2017 Peter Inglis -
"I had a great time at the class! Really informative and the hours flew by :) It was so nice to have a small group and get individual help on our paintings." - Laura, July 2017


"Hi Peter

Thank you again for a lovely day. You are really a font of so much information.

We really enjoyed it and look forward to our next one.

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