Origin of the Blue Milkcrate

My friends Ken and Marilyn found this piece in Copenhagen recently. The clever Danes are having a justified laugh at the art procurement strategy of Sydney City Council. The piece is a clever comment on Clover Moore's (Mayor of Sydney) 'Blue Milk Crate', on which they spent $2.5 million of public money. I like it, there needs to be more of it. (Not Moore of it).

Blue Urinal

The perpetrators here are referencing "Fountain" by Marcel Duchamp, which is where all this rot started.

Duchamp: Fountain, 1917

Duchamp was obviously having a laugh too, but his joke became a cornerstone of "Conceptual Art", which is now a 100 year old tragi-comic farce which continues to dominate public art expenditure. How many people could have been taught to paint with the $11 million the Sydney City Council recently spent on blue milkcrates and other detritus?

"Fountain is a 1917 work widely attributed to Marcel Duchamp. The scandalous work was a porcelain urinal, which was signed "R.Mutt" and titled 'Fountain'." (Wikipedia)