Course Update Nov 7th, 2020

Hi guys and girls.

I've had a few enquiries asking when a particular painting or artist is going to be featured. By all means let me know what you're interested in - I keep lists!

But... don't hold your breath. Bear in mind this is a one-man operation, so time is my most limited resource. I put enough prep into each session that I could indeed publish a book for each session! Why don't I? To protect the I.P. At some point in the future I may publish all these painting guides, and in fact I have 14 art books in print at the moment.

Before I schedule any of the existing 100 plus paintings I need to:

  1. Analyse which of the 26 new Derivan hues are in the painting
  2. Paint the work again in most cases.
  3. Incorporate new analytical processes that I have developed over the past year.
  4. Incorporate new practical processes. For example, tomorrow's session (Monet: Camille with Green Parasol, 1876) is the first ever in which you are allowed to trace a difficult section (the face, umbrella and hands). This allows us to complete much more challenging works without being limited by your drafting skills.

The plan is to add one new piece for every legacy piece scheduled, so my work is cut out for me.

Also, and I guess I can't say this too often... it doesn't matter which painting you do - - - they all contain valuable lessons! There is no 'filler' in this syllabus.


Until the numbers pick up I'll only be running one session per week, mostly on Sundays.


Over the next couple of days I'll work out what next Sunday's session is. Further updates will be in the newsletter and I suggest you bookmark this page: Art Coaching Calendar on your phone.