Path of Dreams (Mt. Wilson)

In this painting we will learn how to create a soft and dreamy impressionistic garden.

Mt Wilson: the path at Bebeah Gardens - a painting by Peter Inglis - ©2017 Peter Inglis -
An original Australian Landscape by Peter Inglis.

Sydney has some fabulous gardens and Bebeah at Mt. Wilson, about 100k west of the CBD, is a fine example.

Bebeah was built by Edward Cox in 1880 and covers more than 12 acres (5 hectares).

The property is sloping and features hedges of azaleas, camellias, box and laurel merges with sweeping grassy expanses, curved drives and pathways and a lake. There are enough gorgeous views there to keep a painter busy for years!

Hint: If you are going to drive up there on a Sunday leave early! It is a very popular destination and the 5km stretch from the Western Highway into Mt. Wilson turns into a parking lot after 11 a.m..

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