How do I read the ebook?

I recommend using the Kindle ebook software.


  • 5 gb of free cloud storage for your books (thousands of books)
  • Keeps your bookmarks, notes and highlights synchronised across all your devices
  • 'Whispersync' means you get delivery in seconds
  • Has integrated access to the world's largest bookstore.
  • Download and read book samples in seconds
Your favourite device? Get a free e-book reader
PC, laptop, tablet Kindle for Windows
Apple (Mac, iPhone, iPad) Kindle app for iOS
Android (mobile phone, Android tablet Kindle app for Android
Kindle ebook reader No software needed. Just buy the book at Amazon or on your Kindle, it will be delivered in a few seconds.

If you don't buy my ebook at Amazon, but at Smashwords for example, then you can still upload the book to your Kindle with one click using this: "Send your personal and business documents to read them anytime, everywhere on Kindle devices and reading apps: Send to Kindle Software".

Personally I read my books on a Windows laptop, an Android Tablet and an Apple iPhone. Using Kindle makes the whole process seamless.