Art Syllabus

Never painted before? Haven't painted since school?

Our most popular sessions are the Paint a Masterwork paintings. This is the only place in town where you can paint a masterwork each lesson, every lesson, with no obligation to sign up for a course!

Grade Entry requirements Repertoire Skills
Paint a Masterwork None Complete 4 great paintings, 1 per session, by Van Gogh, Monet and an Aussie Landscape. 4 step painting process.
Chevreux colour method.
Van Gogh and basic Monet brush strokes.
Gallery Quality Painting Paint a Masterwork Complete as many paintings as you like from All the paintings

More expensive, artist grade materials
Better brush technique
Fan brush
Filbert Brush
Still Life Paint a Masterwork Still Life paintings by the masters
Create your own still life painting from a studio setup
Tone and form
Floral Painting Paint a Masterwork Floral paintings by the masters
Create your own floral painting from a studio setup
Filbert brush
Liner brush Subtle colours
Smooth gradations of tone
Portrait Painting Paint a Masterwork Portrait Drawing
Portrait paintings by the masters
Create your own portrait painting
Facial forms
Fabric and hair textures