Floral Artist Grade 1

Extend your basic painting skills into floral art. Learn to apply the line brush and filbert brush with subtle techniques and colours.

Entry requirements: "Masterwork Artist Grade 1" certificate

1: Van Gogh

Apply the "Language of Line" to the conical forms in flowers.

Van Gogh: Sunflowers version 3
Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers' version 3 - Paint it


Following the example of the "Bach of Art", Monet, we explore the delicate line brush and the versatile filbert brush.

Monet: Vase of Chrysanthemums, 1882
Vase of Chrysanthemums, 1882 - Paint it


The finest textures of impressionism.

Still life with Roses, 1910
Renoir: Still life with Roses, 1910 - Paint it

Still Life

Still Life in Tone and Colour - Complete an original still life painting with flowers! - Paint it