Reconsidering 'Forward and up'

From Joe Armstrong, flautist and soldier.

" (Alexander Technique) opened a door on a knowledge and experience of psychophysical unity I desperately needed for my development as a performer and for my growth as a person.

I didn't realize it so clearly at the time, but I had just about come to a dead end in my progress as a musician, which had been very "instinctive" and haphazard, relying mainly on whatever "natural talent" I might have possessed.


And, at the same time, I had also become extremely ill-at-ease in nearly every aspect of my social life. Looking back, I can see that I was probably very close to some kind of "breakdown", but the lessons helped ward it off by showing me how to access the potential for integration and constructive control that most of us have buried beneath our long-standing subconscious habits of reacting, thinking, moving and carrying ourselves."

Joe Armstrong has a Master's Degree in musical performance on flute and teaches Alexander Technique. In RECONSIDERING 'FORWARD AND UP' he describes how Alexander Technique helped him survive basic training in the US Army!

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