Musical style, with S-T-Y-L-E !

I talk about 'style' in each lesson as we study Monet, Van Gogh and Cezanne, who all have very distinctive styles.

In this video Nahre Sol plays 'Mary had a little lamb' in the styles of about a dozen great composers.

There are plenty of labels and visual cues to help you follow the ideas. Enjoy!

If the video does not show, click here to see it at YouTube.

The video is played by Nahre Sol (Alice Gi-Young Hwang), a young pianist and composer. She likes to combine improvisation with traditional Western form and harmony. She completed her undergraduate studies in 2013 at The Juilliard School and did further composition study in Paris.

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Music genres

Use this chart of music styles and their connections as a starting point in your own explorations of the wonderful world of music.

12 rules for efficient learning in music

1. Select your field of interest

"If music cannot qualify for you on the three grounds of ... interest, and personal value, you should, perhaps, avoid it..."

"In music, select first a general field and within this field from stage to stage a specific aspect or content which you desire to master."

"Knowing exactly what is to be learned is the first stage of mastery..."

2. Intend to Learn

"This does not mean an occasional or sporadic intention but a firm decision to give continuity of effort until mastery is attained."

"Occasional intention is ruinous because tends to destroy what has been attained."

"The intentions that count in life are habitual. ...When the intention to remember has become a habit, you will have the feeling mastery and joy of achievement."

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