Materials provided for you

  1. Canvas: A high quality canvas 406 x 510 x 38 mm to take home with your new painting on it.
  2. The option to upgrade to a larger canvas (607 x 910 x 38 mm) is available in some sessions.
  3. Derivan Acrylic Professional and Derivan Matisse paints. These paints sell between $112.00 per litre to over $500.00 per litre.
  4. Derivan mediums. Ranging from $50.00 to over $100.00 per litre.
  5. Afternoon tea (Monet's Palate), cheese, crackers, chocolate, ground coffee, teas, filtered water, juice, snacks.
  6. Use of an apron. Please note that you will probably get some paint on your clothes - DO NOT wear your most prized outfit....
  7. Use of brushes, palette knives, easels, and Drawing materials.

You can purchase our standard brush set during your session  at Inglis Academy.
This is the typical array of brushes you will use in a session.

Bring with you, or purchase at the lesson:

  • A5 or A4 Artist Visual Diary, Sketch Book or Artist's Journal.

Artist's Visual Diary
An artist's Visual Diary contains blank pages with heavy duty paper. I'll show you how to use your notebook for notes, pencil and charcoal sketches and your personal colour recipes.