Monet: Poppy Field Near Argenteuil, 1873

At your audition you will be guided to completing this iconic Monet.
Get an introduction to the working method colour theory and brush techniques of Claude Monet as you paint his iconic masterwork.

What will we learn in this session?

Process Chevreul Colour System Technique Impressionism Landscape
Monet's landscape work is unfussy, elegant and pretty much forms the "bible" for all landscape artists since then.
Monet spent a lot of time in this region of France and produced many paintings featuring these fields of poppies lavender and grain crops.
In this session my teaching methods will show you how much you already know about art! Bring your enthusiasm and love for paintings and I will show you how to express your taste on the canvas.
This is truly living, breathing art! It demonstrates the great legacy left us by the masters of western art. They have left us a body of work within which we can learn and grow at the same time.
Original Title: Coquelicots


Palette: Basic

Learn how to mix greens and then control the chroma and colour temperature until they match the subtle colours in this Monet.
Scarlet Red Light Cerulean Blue

Examples from the Process



Student Paintings

Audition Monet
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