Tranquil Creek in the Wisteria Gardens

Capture the counterpoint in this tranquil scene.
The beautiful Wisteria Gardens are part of the Cumberland Hospital, adjoining Parramatta Park. They are open to the public one weekend a year.
While strolling along the riverbank I was struck by the light cascading down the tree and across the grass and into the quietly flowing water.
I wanted to capture the tranquility and beauty of this simple scene.
But I also wanted to portray the layers of contrapuntal complexity that draw us into a scene such as this.
Trees often display intricate counterpoint within the branches and foliage.
The deeper you look the more contrapuntal movement you will see.
We choose energetic brush strokes to emphasise this musical movement. In another painting we might choose to stipple, representing intersecting clouds of harmony.

Student Paintings

An excellent interpretation by Vendula.
Aussie Landscapes Photo Reference Counterpoint
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