Klimt: The Kiss, 1908

Klimt: The Kiss, 1908 by Peter Inglis
Inglis Academy postcard Series 1, no.1. Pick up one from the studio!

Gustav Klimt (1862-1918)
"The Kiss" 1907-08. 180 x 180 cm
Style: Vienna secession, Art Nouveau, Symbolist

"The Kiss" is one of the most reproduced paintings of modern times. In it, Klimt combines abstract symbols on a two dimensional plane with his mastery of traditional portraiture.

The effect is lavish and quintessentially romantic.

The original version of "The Kiss" is 1.8 x 1.8 metres. In this smaller excerpt I have focused on the lovers.

Key to it's appeal lies is the artful combination of portraiture with decorative design and the use of gold leaf.

Note that this version uses faux gold leaf, you can commission the piece with real gold, and in any size.

The work on the front of this card, painted by Peter Inglis, is a syllabus piece from our art curriculum. At Inglis Academy we use accelerated learning processes which enable beginners to complete a masterwork in one afternoon.