Iconic Aussie Landscapes by Peter Inglis

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Peter's connections to the Australian landscape extend back to his great-great-great grandmother, who arrived here on the First Fleet in 1788. His mother grew up in rural Australia and Peter himself attended James Ruse Agricultural High School where he learned how to farm, fix tractors and shear sheep!

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Centennial Park in Autumn
Centennial Park, Sydney in Autumn

Lavender Bay 2015 by Peter Inglis.
Lavender Bay, Sydney Harbour

Dee Why Beach and Long Reef
Dee Why Beach and Long Reef

Galston: Fagan Park: Japanese Bridge
Galston: Fagan Park: Japanese Bridge

Ball's Head Bay, Waverton
Balls Head Bay, Waverton

Bespoke Artworks

This is my beautiful studio located on Sydney's lower North Shore, where I create bespoke artworks.

Peter Inglis Art - my studio space

My artworks provide you the opportunity to live and work next to the greatest works of western art.

Among my clients are commercial entities and discerning private buyers who appreciate old-school craftmanship.

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