Renoir: 'The Boating Party' (excerpt)

Renoir's 'The Boating Party' is one of the most popular pieces in all impressionist art. In this excerpt I have painted the young lady who was to become his wife, and a small dog. This portrait is one of about 12 portraits in the original painting by Renoir, which you can also commission me to paint.

Renoir: 'The Boating Party' (excerpt)

Artist Statement

I enjoy interpreting the great masterpieces of Western Art, and am often called upon to paint them in different sizes, or even to enlarge an excerpt of the original work.

I also enjoy applying stylistic elements of the masters to Australian scenery.

Detail from one of my Ord River paintings. To see this particular scene I had to paddle a canoe 25 km down a crocodile infested river!

My painting and teaching repertoire ranges from Vermeer to Van Gogh, and I have published 26 books on Art and Music.

I run my own cultural academy on Sydney's North Shore where I teach literacy in art and music.

I have been performing and writing music professionally for more than 40 years in venues ranging from the Kimberleys to the Sydney Opera House.

This broad repertoire I call "Baroque to Rock", which covers basically Bach to the Beatles. In recent years I have turned my attention to our rich heritage of visual art and in the same spirit have developed a painting repertoire ranging from Vermeer to Van Gogh.

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Wedding Portraits

Preserve the precious memories of your wedding day in a hand-painted portrait by Peter Inglis.

Bridal Portrait painted by Peter Inglis -
Bridal Portrait painted by Peter Inglis.

Peter will work from your wedding photographs to create a unique family heirloom for you.

How about a portrait in the style of Renoir, Van Gogh, Klimt or Monet? Peter can paint many of the major styles in the western canon. He enjoys applying the styles of the masters of western art to contemporary subjects.

Detail from Renoir: 'The Boating Party', painted by Peter Inglis -
Detail from Renoir: 'The Boating Party', painted by Peter Inglis.

All the artworks are hand painted in Peter’s Crows Nest studio.

Detail from Klimt: 'The Kiss', painted by Peter Inglis -
Detail from Klimt: 'The Kiss', painted by Peter Inglis.

Drop into the studio at Shop 7/7-11 Clarke St. Crows Nest and discuss how Peter can paint a unique memento of your special day!