Where is 'Paint with Pete'?

Where is 'Paint with Pete'. It's still here in spirit. And Pete is still here.

It was time to rebrand and consolidate my coaching services to bring them in line with my holistic vision of the arts. Art - music - dance - theatre - literature, poetry, they're all connected.

Peter Inglis performing surreal guitar at the Art gallery of NSW
Pete performing at the Art Gallery of N.S.W., Surrealist exhibition. Yes, that is a knife in my hat!

The arts in western culture
... and I didn't even mention philosophy or science yet!

You'll have noticed by now the smart new logo at the top of this email. Within the week the studio will be re-branded similarly. So 'Paint with Pete' survives in spirit within a more holistic structure.

Energy, space & time

Energy, space and time are inextricably linked in the performance of music. You can't change one without affecting the others.

For example:

  • Abandon and free use of space .... what rhythms suggest this?
  • March Rhythms are strict and invigorating.
  • Swaying rhythms are broader and relaxing.

Dancers display Energy, Space & Time as it relates to musical expression. Dancers display Energy, Space & Time as it relates to musical expression.

Rhythm: the foundation of art and music

In each Paint a Masterwork class I talk about music, and the musical foundations of all the great paintings by Monet, Cezanne and Van Gogh.

According to the information I've gathered from the student registration forms 49% of you have learned a musical instrument.

49% ! That really surprised me. It's much higher than I expected. (In the UK it's about 74%).

Hardly anybody seems to remember even the most basic concepts of music theory, which I did predict. Which is a shame, because most of you would know the difference between a noun, a verb and an adjective. Knowing the basic grammar opens so many doors to your appreciation of language, whether it's verbal, musical or artistic language.

So, in lieu of everybody enrolling in music literacy courses, check out this very entertaining video by English composer Howard Goodall. It will introduce you to the foundation of all good music and art... rhythm!

Technical terms explained in this video:

  • Pulse
  • Tempo
  • Accent
  • Syncopation
  • Cross Rhythms.