2020: End of Bronze | More challenges & flowers

On Sunday we had a great time with Monet: Haystacks: Midday, 1890 | Palette Knife masterclass. Check out the results!

This success reinforces my decision to raise the painting stakes in 2020. You guys thrive on challenges and enjoy the process of learning via repertoire. You also work well under time pressure. You are the elite! You are indeed the Gallery Quality Painters!

Good, it makes me smarter just being in the room with you, thereby fulfilling my New Year's Resolution no.1. Thank you all!

So next year, expect:

  • The gradual introduction of of Derivan Artist and Derivan Structure (Matisse) where appropriate. This paint runs up to $200.00 per litre compared to the $36.00 per litre paint we use now.
  • More challenging paintings
  • Warm colours - there is a preponderance of cool in the repertoire at the moment. Warm colours do make your living space more cozy, so I'll be addressing that imbalance
  • More use of modifiers: glaze, impasto, gloss medium.
  • The replacement of Bronze Packages (50% discount) with Silver Packages (25% discount) as the main option for GQP students.
  • Single session price will remain at $159.00
  • Yes, you can purchase multiple Bronze packages till the end of December, and their expiry dates will daisy-chain for you. Or you can go for Gold which guarantees you 8 sessions over 12 months at the 50% off rate)

All the pricing structures will be reviewed again at July 1st, 2020.

\\o// Xmas Do \\o//

"Do" in the rich Aussie patois means a get-together, a nosh-up, a shindig, a brew-up, a party!

We have had a great year in 2019 with the Gallery Quality Painting program really gathering momentum. The paintings you do amaze me week to week. Wait till you see what's coming up - your ability to tackle really challenging works and get a grip on our multi-factorial processes has inspired me to raise the bar.

Many of the regulars have met, but not all, so here's an opportunity to make new connections and share painting stories.

Let's get together at Lola Cocina at 19 Falcon St. Crows Nest on Wednesday December 11th, for a Student Party! Arrive 6-7 p.m.

Lola Cocina specialises in gourmet ala carte tapas. They have a $39 deal on Wednesdays for all-you-can-eat!

Please reply to this email if you're interested so I can book the tables.