Our first Gallery Quality Painting class

We held our first Gallery Quality Painting session on the weekend and it was a roaring success!

We glazed the painting - twice and achieved very vibrant results as you can see.

Student paintings: Monet: Water Lilies with Weeping Willows, 1916
Student paintings of Monet: Water Lilies with Weeping Willows, 1916.

We also used impasto to get textured and reflective edges on the waterlilies.

Our inspirational soundtrack for the day was:

Baroque Vivaldi: Il Quatro Stagioni (The Four Seasons), performed by Nigel Kennedy.
Here is myself playing Vivaldi: Autumn with my string quartet.
Classical Haydn: Symphony No.1 in D Major, Symphony No.2 in C Major
Romantic Tchaikovsky: Excerpts from "The Nutcracker"
Impressionist Maurice Ravel: Rhapsodie Espagnol (Prelude a la nuit, Malaguena, Habanera, Feria)
La Valse
Pavane pour une Infante Defunte
Soundtrack John Williams: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T., Jurassic Park, Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan (Hymn), A.I., Minority Report, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Epicurean delights featured some very special chocolate biscuit treats!

So - Monet - chocolate and Ravel... what a perfect recipe!

Thank you to Loretta, YinYue, Melissa and Josephine for making it such a fun day!

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