The studio and our 3 layers of protection. March 16th 2020

In light of the current flu situation, I'd like to spell out here the precautions I am taking in the coaching sessions.

You have 3 layers of protection here.

1: The default environment

Please bear in mind that:

  • Sessions are limited to just 5 students
  • I am the only person in the room the rest of the week, it is not a public place.
  • The studio is in the most low-traffic part of the building, at the very end of the last corridor, so there is no passing traffic.

... so the environment here is already safer than just about anywhere else.

I did study quite a bit of biology, and am an avid science geek, so I have always been proactive in maintaining a safe all-spectrum environment for myself and my treasured students!

2: Extra protocols

Extra measures I have taken since January 1st:

  • Providing disposable surgical gloves
  • Providing disposable cups
  • Providing individually wrapped biscuits
  • Disinfecting the restrooms and door handles.
  • Disinfecting all surfaces in the studio.

3: What you can do

Measures you can take if you feel the need:

  • Wear a disposable mask
  • Wash your hands before arrival, or in the restroom.
  • Microwave the water to boiling point when making a cup of tea or coffee.

If anyone has more questions or suggestions regarding this, please go to our private Facebook group or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..