Dance of the Cherry Blossoms

'Dance of the Cherry Blossoms' - An original Australian Landscape by Peter Inglis.
Capture the light on the Cherry Blossoms as we apply Monet's style to the beautiful waterlilies at Fagan Park, Galston.

You don't have to travel to Monet's house at Giverny in France to see (and paint) a lily pond with a Japanese Bridge, you can do it right here in sweet Sydney!

Bear in mind that Australia was founded as an outpost of the British Commonwealth and it's no surprise that we have some magnificent European gardens here. European? Yes, orientalism was a popular movement in art and music in 19c Europe.

Fagan Park, Galston is a 55 hectare park with 10 themed gardens. A great place for a day out to picnic, sketch and paint!

Painting from a photograph | Telling a story

A good painting is not made just by painting what's there. You need a story, and you might have to recompose the scene. It's the difference between a legal transcript, which aims for accuracy, and a poem, which aims for a mood.

'Dance of the Cherry Blossoms' - An original Australian Landscape by Peter Inglis' - painted in just one 2 hour session!.
One of my earlier versions

I painted this scene several times and treated it as a local version of Monet: Japanese Bridge, 1899 and Monet: Japanese bridge no.2, 1899, which worked ok. Then a student, Wei, pointed to the cherry blossoms and I repainted it with the idea of bringing out the contrast between the cherry blossoms (Jap: Sakura) and the waterlilies (Fr: Nymphae).

What will we learn in this painting?

  • cherry blossoms (sakura)
  • hard and soft edges
  • impressionist style
  • impasto
  • liner brush
  • monet brush techniques
  • painting from a photograph
  • water lilies (nymphae)

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