Palm Beach from Bible Garden (Palette Knife)

Palm Beach from BibleGarden
In this lesson we explore scumbling (broken paint) with a palette knife to create realistic cloud textures. We also learn how to create an effective composition from a photograph.

Palm Beach from BibleGarden
The source image is a composite of photographs I took from Bible Garden.

In this painting we will learn how to:

  • Create skies using chromatic greys
  • Glaze
  • Use the palette knife
  • Paint from a photograph

After sketching we block in with thin paint, then glaze, then apply impasto (thick) paint with a palette knife.

Palm Beach from Bible Garden - detail
Blocked in and ready for another glaze.

Palm Beach from BibleGarden
Another of my versions. I paint and rethink these scenes many times before putting them in the syllabus.

Palm Beach from Bible Garden - detail
Detail of the sky. Notice the thick impasto paint.

The location

There is a very small park (only 3 parking spaces!) on the headland at the south end of Palm Beach. Have lunch there and enjoy this view of Palm Beach, the lighthouse and headland, Lion Island and the Central Coast beyond. Then book a session and paint it!

Palm Beach from Bible Garden - detail

ebook: Palm Beach from Bible Garden, Sydney

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Paint this!