Van Gogh: Wheat Field with Cypresses, 1889

Paint a Van Gogh in one afternoon at Inglis Academy. No experience necessary! How do we do it? We have a 3,000 page syllabus explaining the step by step processes. But all you have to do is turn up, and 4 hours later take home a Van Gogh, created with your own hands!

In this lesson we paint this work by Van Gogh... or is it this one?

Could these guys just not make up their mind? No, I mean yes, they could. But painting to them was an exploration. There is no one definitive and final version of the wheat field, or the starry night.

Anyhow, students in this class invariably come up with their own versions.

Here is one of my interpretations. Come to this class and create your own!

You can check out this painting in super-close detail at Google Art Project: Van Gogh - Wheat Field with Cypresses.

Met Museum: zoomable image.

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