Cezanne: The essential shapes of everything

Cezanne said that you could draw anything with three essential shapes: the circle, triangle and square.

Cezanne's essential shapes.

In our Paul Cezanne painting sessions we explore his 'essential shapes' by interpreting some of his most most gorgeous paintings.

Cezanne also said "with an apple I will astonish Paris!" ,and apparently he did just that. Astonish yourself by painting a study of a Cezanne masterpiece!

A Cezanne by Peter Inglis, posed in my kitchen!
One my Cezannes, posed with some astonishing apples!

The Cezanne paintings in the course were chosen by myself from his repertoire of about 600 works. In some cases we paint an excerpt of the original, much the way a musician will arrange excerpts from an opera. Some of these major works are very elaborate and time consuming to complete in full, let's enjoy what we can!

Paul Cezanne's 'Still Life with a jug and fruit, 1893', painted in one lesson by beginner students at Inglis Academy. Paul Cezanne's 'Still Life with a plate of peaches, 1900', painted in one lesson by beginner students at Inglis Academy.
They did it, so can you!

Tweak your Masterwork

Refine and polish your Masterwork painting with expert guidance from Peter.

'Glazing'? That mysterious process which brings the light back into your work? I talk about it each lesson, that acrylic paint loses chroma as it dries? Come along to a tweaking session and I'll guide you through glazing your painting. I'll even provide the glaze.

In 4 hours we can produce a pretty good masterwork at Inglis Academy, but sometimes you want to add a few more stalks of grass, or soften the clouds a little more... make the mountains more distant...

Tweaking a Monet cloud at Inglis Academy

Monet, Meadow with Poplars - student paintings at Inglis Academy

Artists call this "tweaking" and it's part of the daily routine for professionals. With the passage of time, and with more experience, it is normal to suddenly see where one of your paintings will benefit immensely from a few subtle tweaks. In this session I'll help you see and paint immediate improvements.

NOTE: You can only bring paintings which you started in class at Inglis Academy.

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You can use credits from the 16 hours of Art package for this session..