The classroom

Inside the classroom at Inglis Academy
The studio is spacious, air conditioned, and right in the heart of Crows Nest.

Inside the classroom at Inglis Academy
All materials are included in the fee. Walk in, and walk out four hours later with your own painting!

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Anime and cartoon art

Anime and emoji and anime style art is very effective at communicating human emotions.

How could that be? It looks so simple? Don't you need complexity to communicate?

These styles of art are what we call "iconic". They reduce the human face to it's most essential elements - the eyes, nose and mouth. Our brains are very sensitive to the relation of these elements.

To draw an accurate iconic face it's really important that we place the simple shapes accurately. Check out my ebook: How to Sketch Shapes to practice the basics.

Pop Art lesson at Inglis Academy, Shop 7/7-11 Clarke St. Crows Nest, NSW

Monet - The mathematics of nature

In this lecture Peter will demonstrate how Monet put together a landscape painting and the language of brush strokes Monet recorded in his paintings.

All around us is the glory of nature, yet how often do we rush past the most wondrous beauty without a glance, too absorbed in mental dialogue to see what's right there in front of us? In practical terms, how does art help us see more clearly?

Bebeah Garden at Mt. Wilson, about 2 hours west of Sydney.
A Symphony of colours.

By studying the works of great painters like Monet, we learn an economical and expressive language for interpreting nature.

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