Which painting should I do?

Misconception Answer
Which painting should I do? Do them all. Do any of them.

My best painters are the ones who have done the most paintings.

Any of the paintings in my syllabus will advance your art literacy.
The paintings are curated, researched, painted and dissected. Finally all that is reassembled into a lesson plan that gets you through the painting in 4 hours. Embedded in each painting are valuable lessons about art.
I want to do that painting! That's fine. You can do any of the scheduled sessions, subject to availability. Bear in mind that the syllabus is pretty big, at over 100 paintings. So the painting you like may only be scheduled once per year, if that. Keep an eye on the schedule and scan the newsletter because new paintings tend to book out within days!

As your Art Literacy develops, you will be able to paint exactly what you like, using the tools you gain by working through my syllabus. In my method you learn the methods of the French Impressionist masters, the impressionist process and colour system, and how to apply that to all styles of painting.
I don't want to do that painting. The time to be fussy is NOT when you are still learning. This is a very common beginner's mistake. Trust the teacher and the syllabus, By not doing a painting you will miss out on valuable insights and art learning experiences. Repetition is one of your most valuable learning strategies. The syllabus is built around Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne, local landscapes painted in their style and other giants of the art world. All paintings in the syllabus have been carefully researched, curated and developed into a teaching plan.
I don't like (that painter) If that painter is in the course, he's there for very good reasons. Do the painting - it will change your perception and broaden your taste.
I'm not interested in (that subject) See previous answer.
I really only want to do a particular painting. Private Art Coaching is available. I will coach you through your favourite painting in a 5 hour session. Note that package deal discounts to not apply to private coaching.

The Mission: Art Literacy

The mission at Inglis Academy is to fast track Art Literacy via detailed instruction in a broad painting repertoire.

If you are interested in getting better at painting, and expanding your tastes and understanding of western painting then you are in the right place!, Read some of the lesson descriptions and read some Testimonials

The syllabus combines a very wholistic approach (Cultural context, literature, Musical analysis, Movement) with reductionist coaching in technique when necessary.

Renoir: Bouquet of Roses, 1880.
Renoir: Bouquet of Roses, 1880 - demo painting by Peter Inglis.

Monet: Water Lilies with Weeping Willows, 1916
There is a large Monet component in the syllabus. I regard Monet as the "Bach of Art".


Dee Why Beach - a painting by Peter Inglis. Dee Why Beach - a painting by Peter Inglis.
Repetition is an essential learning strategy. We learn a lot by painting the same scene many times. The more savvy students take advantage of the opportunity to repeat a painting and measure their improvement.

Renoir: Bouquet of Roses, 1880 - student painting.
Rain's two versions of this Renoir, painted in class 6 months apart.
"Hi, Peter,
The left painting was done in your class last week. The right roses were painted on 9th Sep, 2018. Such a difference : < ) Thank you so much for teaching me over one year. I learn a lot and enjoy painting much more than before."


Cezanne: Still life with a jug and fruit, 1893

Dee Why Beach and Long Reef, Sydney

Is it for you?

Inglis Academy caters to people who are really curious about Art. You want to know how it works, where it comes from, and most importantly... how to do it!