Monet - The mathematics of nature

In this lecture Peter will demonstrate how Monet put together a landscape painting and the language of brush strokes Monet recorded in his paintings.

All around us is the glory of nature, yet how often do we rush past the most wondrous beauty without a glance, too absorbed in mental dialogue to see what's right there in front of us? In practical terms, how does art help us see more clearly?

Bebeah Garden at Mt. Wilson, about 2 hours west of Sydney.
A Symphony of colours.

By studying the works of great painters like Monet, we learn an economical and expressive language for interpreting nature.

Those of you with a scientific bent will know about "fractal mathematics". Fractals are the equations which underlie the patterns in nature, like the way grass grows, or how tree branches are grouped.Painters like Monet captured the fractals of nature and left us a magnificent library to learn from.

Monet: Adolphe Monet in the Garden, 1866.
Monet: Adolphe Monet in the Garden, 1866.