Sunset at Manly

Entry requirements: None.

Sunset at Manly - original painting by Peter Inglis ©2017
Sunset at Manly - original painting by Peter Inglis ©2017

This energetic, impressionist sunset will brighten up any room!

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Mixing Skin Colours

In this session we learn to mix all the basic skin colours and tones.

The colours derived from Yellow Ochre - image ©2017 Peter Inglis
In one exercise, we paint a chart showing the basic colours we derive from Yellow Ochre.

Palm Beach from West Head - as Cezanne

Palm Beach from West Head
An original Australian Landscape by Peter Inglis.

Let's paint the iconic Sydney scene scene: Barrenjoey Head at Palm Beach, and let's do it in the style of Cezanne!

I have lived in Sydney all my life, and used to holiday as a child near the sand dunes at Palm Beach. Well I think the sand dunes have gone now, and it was only recently that I found West Head, which offers fantastic views of Palm Beach and the central coast.

Palm Beach from West Head, Sydney,
Get the book from and This is based on Book 2 in my series: "Inglis Academy: Aussie Landscapes".

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