Terms and conditions, 2018

Read these carefully


  • You will not be admitted to the session if you arrive after 11:45. Arrive any time between 11:30 and 11:45.
  • Plan accordingly. I suggest you park the car, have a nice breakfast at St Leonards or the Wooden Whisk in Albany St and then walk back here by 11:45.
  • Orientation and registration
  • Start: The coaching session commences exactly on time. This is a very intense method. The time is very tightly structured.
  • Debrief: At the end of the session we do a debrief. It is very important that we are not disturbed during that time, as we have just spent four hours building a constructive group dynamic. Ask partners or friends to wait in reception downstairs.
  • Check the location: 67 Christie St. St Leonards. Check it now and plan your trip.
  • Parking information


  1. This building is NOT wheelchair accessible. There are no lifts or ramps.
  2. The session is quite arduous and therefore unsuitable for people with chronic medical conditions
  3. The logistics of this teaching method and the size of the room make it impossible to accommodate any medical equipment or walkers.

External discount coupons

From time to time we offer discount vouchers via external websites so prospective students can sample the Inglis Art Method. .

  1. Only one use of this type of offer per student.
  2. Anybody found using these offers a second time will be refused entry, forfeit the fee and receive a lifetime ban from coaching at Inglis Academy.
  3. Customers using external coupons cannot reschedule.


  1. Fees are non-refundable.
  2. Missed lessons will forfeit the fee.
  3. Rescheduling and cancellations less than 7 days before the appointment will forfeit the fee. (Coupon users cannot reschedule).


  1. Management reserves the right to refuse admission, or terminate training for an individual at any time.
  2. Inglis Academy does not offer coaching to people 18 or under. This means > > no children. < <   Do not bring children.
  3. Average English language speaking and writing skill is required.
  4. University level english skills are preferred.
  5. No food in the session.
  6. No alcohol.
  7. Complimentary tea, coffee and filtered water is provided.
  8. Turn your phone to silent mode during the session.