Which painting should I do?

If you intend to complete just one particular painting, there are many other art schools which would be more than glad to accommodate your request.

If you are really interested in expanding your appreciation of the natural world and our own culture via painting, read on.


Taste in Art and Music is directly related to literacy level.

As you increase your art literacy, your appreciation of different styles and genres will grow.


Repertoire is the body of work that you have internalised via study, practice and performance.

At Inglis Academy we are in the business of increasing art literacy via development of a painting repertoire. Our repertoire contains a variety of styles and subjects.

This is exactly the way one studies music - each grade requires you learn four pieces from different periods.

The Masterwork series is organised into four streams.

  • Van Gogh - Language of Line
  • Cezanne - Essential Shapes of Everything
  • Monet - Language of Nature
  • Aussie Landscapes - Use the techniques of Van Gogh, Cezanne and Monet to paint Australian landscapes.

You can join any of the classes. Process and technique is more important than the subject.


We use the same overall process for all of our paintings. That is the genius of the system. In fact some students have done the same paintings more than once, I personally paint each one at least four times before adding it to the course.

Of course each painting has different blends of colour mixing, brush technique, compositional and tonal analysis and much more. That is why I have created this syllabus, to give a balanced path to mastery.

You will finish a painting in the lesson and learn the processes and techniques used by the masters of Western Art.

The processes are documented in our publications,start with the latest:

Monet: Meadow with Poplars, 1875 - a syllabus book from Inglis Academy
Monet: Meadow with Poplars, 1875.