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Welcome to Sydney's premiere boutique Art classes.

Try a session and have fun as you express your passions on the canvas!

Beginners can paint like Van Gogh in just one session at Inglis Academy

You have the choice of completing a masterwork by Van Gogh, Monet or Cezanne, or an Aussie Landscape in just 4 hours. How is this possible? I have written a 3,000 + page syllabus to answer that question!

But, don't worry, I know you are time-poor, I don't expect you to read all that. All you have to do is book a session and I will coach you through painting your own masterwork.

At Inglis Academy we train you in my unique painting system which, once mastered, will allow you to paint any mood or emotion, in any style.

We focus on providing the highest quality of training and so operate with very small class sizes (maximum of 6 ). This means are courses are in high demand and learning spaces are very limited, so book your first session now.

Hi, I am Peter Inglis. I've spent nearly half a century exploring the connections between music, dance, art and science and published my findings in 28 books to date.

Peter Inglis, artist, author, musician and teacher.

You can attend one lesson or buy a lesson package which you can use for all the courses.

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