Helpful for anyone learning a musical instrument

This is a wonderfully written and clear book that gives the reader a complete and thorough understanding of the complexities of playing a musical instrument.

Highly recommended not just for guitarists, it's also going to be helpful for anyone learning a musical instrument and looking to improve their performance. Expect to be amazed, it is truly holistic in its approach and Peter's experience, passion and dedication to music shines brightly through. Brilliant!

Angela Bradshaw -

Angela Bradshaw - Alexander Technique teacher

Guitar Playing and how it Works by Peter Inglis
Guitar Playing and how it Works

I wish I’d had this book

"I wish I’d had this book when I learned to play the guitar!

I haven’t played the guitar for quite a while. I just got fed up with my lack of dexterity and how difficult it was for my small hand to wrap around the neck of the guitar. I tried piano after that but with similar luck. However, after reading Peter’s book I really want to pick up an instrument once again.

Guitar Playing and how it Works by Peter Inglis
Guitar Playing and how it Works

The book covers everything necessary to make the foray into playing the guitar a lot less daunting than other books I’ve read on the subject. The information is laid out sequentially, with exercises that involve the whole body and not just learning notes and fingerings. It is written in a very clear style, with lots of images and metaphors that make the information come alive.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone thinking about taking up an instrument. Although the information is guitar-specific, the principles Peter talks about are universal and can easily be translated to other musical endeavours.

Victoria Stanham.

Victoria Stanham.

Guitar Playing and how it Works by Peter Inglis
Guitar Playing and how it Works

Tutoring and mentoring

"I have known Peter Inglis since 1987. Over the years of knowing Peter he has tutored me in arrangement, jazz improvisation, and how to operate as a performer and band leader. His help has enabled me to build a successful international performing and recording career.

I am constantly astounded by his encyclopedic knowledge of all things music, not only harmony, or the technical aspects of how to play the guitar efficiently, but the music "business" as well. His knowledge of the history of music spans all genres and I would recommend Peter Inglis to anybody who wants to seriously expand their skillsets as a professional musician.

Yours faithfully

Ian Cooper
5th July 2009.

Ian Cooper

Ian Cooper is an internationally reknowned violinist who plays many styles of music. He composed and recorded the "Tin Symphony" for the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

Testimonials to Peter's music performances

  • "What an elegant jazz style! The style really reminds me of Django Reinhardt, and French Jazz in general."
  • "I have been playing guitar for 50 years, tonight I have seen you, and now I give up! (said with a smile)"
  • "This is a very sophisticated sounding ensemble!"
  • "A very sophisticated sound, reminiscent of Paris in the 1940's."
  • "Great arrangements! How long have you guys been playing together?"
  • "Hearing you guys made my day"
  • - from a fan who brought his whole family the several hundred kilometres from Ulludulla to hear us perform.
  • "Thanks for playing some real music!"
  • "We heard Charlie Byrd in London back in the 1970's, and your playing took us right back there! Thank you."
  • "I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your playing at our wedding. We are just back in London after our honeymoon and are reflecting on what a wonderful day we had. The music was just beautiful, we had several comments on how lovely the music during the ceremony was. Thank you for being such a talented, prepared, calm part of our special day. We would not hesitate to recommend you and hope we can work with you again in the future. All the very best, J.