Who learns music?

"Learning anything is an act which must be performed by the learner. It cannot be done for him by the teacher. The only thing, a teacher can do is to assist in creating favorable conditions by motivation, supply of materials, and general guidance."

"The first essential then in facing any learning problem is to place the responsibility where it belongs, namely, on the pupil."

Carl E. Seashore - The Psychology of Music

These are excerpts from Chapter 13 of 'Carl E. Seashore - The Psychology of Music'. The second half of that chapter has related advice for teachers, and I unreservedly recommend the book as a resource for the musician who is curious about his own art.

Think like Leonardo da Vinci

Michael J Gelb, author of "How To Think Like Leonardo da Vinci" talks about how the 7 principles outlined in his book, can help you:

  • Curiositá - Seek the truth
  • Dimostrazione - Demonstrate things for yourself - Take responsibility - "Obstacles will not bend me"
  • Sensazione - Cultivate awareness - "The 5 senses are the ministers of the soul."
  • Sfumato - Engage the shadow, or "going up in smoke", the hazy, mysterious quality in his paintings. Ability to embrace the unknown, "confusion endurance".
  • Arte/Scienza - Balance the masculine and feminine principles (Reductionist/Wholism)
  • Corporalitá - Integrate body and spirit
  • Connessione - Practice love/connection

Guitar lesson checklist

Print this page and use the checklist before departing for each of your lessons. Taping it to the inside of your guitar case lid is a good idea.

  • Check the lesson time.
  • Are your fees paid?
  • Your Guitar
  • Footstool if you are playing acoustic guitar
  • Exercise book for writing down your practice plans
  • 6B or 4B pencil (a soft, dark pencil grade which is the best for marking scores)
  • My book "Guitar Playing and how it works" which is available from the shop on this website. I will show you how to apply the book to your repertoire
  • CD or mp3 examples of the repertoire that you want to acquire.
  • Printed guitar music of that repertoire
  • Printout of your practice schedule AND the other pages from the free student resources
  • A number of printouts of the other pages from the free student resources on this website (fingerboard diagrams, blank chord diagrams etc.)