Wing Chun & the rotating arm

This video provides an excellent introduction to the Chinese martial arts style "Wing Chun". The rotating wrist movements and the arm structures form an important part of my technical approach to the guitar.

Rippling and stroking, rasgueado

This video demonstrates two parts of right hand technique as described in my books

Rippling and Stroking, formerly known as plucking.

  • "Plucking" is not a terribly useful concept on the guitar. Why?
  • The relation between Words - Concepts - Movements.
  • Move one finger and all the fingers move.
  • Fingers all move together.
  • Fist to fan.
  • Take as long as you need!
  • Think "Stroking" and you will get a lot more colours from the strings.

8.5.2: Energise the strum with rasgueado

  • Apply the ripple movement to the strings.
  • Loop the ripple to create a continuous sound.
  • In practice, the thumb helps out.
  • REST between repetitions to avoid injury, and
  • CONSCIOUSLY relax between movements.
  • Easier at medium / fast tempos.
  • At slower tempos it becomes a different movement and you may as well use the thumb!

Intend to learn

"This does not mean an occasional or sporadic intention but a firm decision to give continuity of effort until mastery is attained."

"Occasional intention is ruinous because tends to destroy what has been attained."

"The intentions that count in life are habitual. ...When the intention to remember has become a habit, you will have the feeling of mastery and joy of achievement."

Carl E. Seashore - The Psychology of Music
From Psychology of Music by Carl E. Seashore.