The basic chords, scales and arpeggios in G major

12.10 Eight bar sequence in G Major
Eight bar sequence in G Major

This is an excerpt from "Walk and Run on the Guitar"

Walk & Run on the Guitar
Using this book, the guitarist will get to grips with the most fundamental harmonies and rhythms in music.

This book limits itself to tonic and dominant chords because these are the first sounds to learn on the instrument. They will stand you in good stead no matter whether you decide to play Country and Western, Heavy Metal, Latin, Jazz, Classical ... all these styles rely on the tensions and the resolutions of the tonic and dominant relationship.

The sequence:

  • Bar 1: Tonic and Dominant Chord in Walking Rhythm
  • Bar 2.: Tonic and Dominant Chord in Swaying Rhythm
  • Bar 3: Melodic Arpeggio in Swaying Rhythm
  • Bar 4: Running melody: DOH to SOH | A versatile and reliable fingering | Articulate to Separate
  • Bar 5: Running to the 9th
  • Bar 6: Running Melody over 2 octaves
  • Bar 8: Alberti Bass
  • Bar 9: Dominant Seventh creates a Modulation to the next key in the cycle of 5ths