Rippling and stroking, rasgueado

This video demonstrates two parts of right hand technique as described in my books

Rippling and Stroking, formerly known as plucking.

  • "Plucking" is not a terribly useful concept on the guitar. Why?
  • The relation between Words - Concepts - Movements.
  • Move one finger and all the fingers move.
  • Fingers all move together.
  • Fist to fan.
  • Take as long as you need!
  • Think "Stroking" and you will get a lot more colours from the strings.

8.5.2: Energise the strum with rasgueado

  • Apply the ripple movement to the strings.
  • Loop the ripple to create a continuous sound.
  • In practice, the thumb helps out.
  • REST between repetitions to avoid injury, and
  • CONSCIOUSLY relax between movements.
  • Easier at medium / fast tempos.
  • At slower tempos it becomes a different movement and you may as well use the thumb!