The basic right hand position is the same whether using fingers or a plectrum to pluck the strings.

The plectrum is not actually "held", but rests on the side of the index finger.


The thumb rests on top of the plectrum with just enough weight to stop the plectrum bouncing out when the strings are contacted.

Teacher's notes.

  • Most students will use far too much pressure on the plectrum.
  • Also, an inflexible plectrum (e.g. agate or any semi-precious stone) is generally preferable to a flexible plectrum.
  • Flexibilty should be cultivated in the wrist, and a floppy plectrum only renders the interace between body and strings more imprecise.
  • After all it is the release of the string (direction, distance and angle of plucking) which determines the tone production.
  • If more "give" is required, for exanple in fast rhythm playing then the thumb merely allows more play in the grip.