The tremolo is a way of playing rapidly repeated notes to energise a melody.

It is basically a very easy right hand fingering which takes advantage of the connections between the forearm - hand and fingers.

The rotation of the forearm is allowed to be transmitted to the strings via the fingertips, resulting in an effortless flow of notes.

Many folks make the technique difficult for themselves by focussing their attention on the individual fingers rather than the forearm rotation.

Practicing the tremelo.

  • Integrate the p - a - m - i into one flowing movement (not 4 separate movements!)
  • Develop your ability to hear and thus control the pulses by practicing variations.

Tremelo step by step on the guitar Tremelo step by step on the guitar Tremelo step by step on the guitar Tremelo step by step on the guitar

Practice Patterns

How to practice the tremelo

Take your time - practice these patterns musically and not just on one string! Then you will see improvement.

As in practicing any technique, the fact that it "seems to get worse at times" indicates that you have played it well on occasion, and more importantly that you are able to tell the difference.

Don't practice any of the variations to the point where they get 'stale' or boring, or you lose interest, you mind wanders etc. In my case that doesn't take long!

So what you do is change from one pattern to another ON THE FLY i.e. without stopping.

Also on the fly , vary the timbre and volume - even articulation!

Then - vary the figuration - don't just practice Recuerdos de la Alhambra type accompaniment patterns - do a scale with upper pedal so you are moving from open hand to closed (on one string) - then tremelo on 2 strings - and of course apply it to scales.

Don't get bored while you are practising, there's no benefit at all in practising like that!