Left hand, a tight rope walker

Just how does a tight-rope walker manage to walk across that thin, moving wire?

Not only do they move, but they also spin, turn and jump, sometimes juggling at the same time!


If you have ever tried it you will have no doubt found that no amount of "hanging on" would keep you aloft. In fact it is only by "letting go" and using your awareness of the whole body that impact with the ground below is avoided!

Luckily the consequences of poor technique on the guitar string are not likely to be fatal! The most likely casualty of struggling with the strings is the player's self esteem.

Ice skaters, tight rope walkers, unicycle riders, dancers, can all serve as good models for the human body in dialogue with their particular instrument... the skates, cycle, rope etc.

Common elements between a tight rope walker and your left hand on the guitar:

  1. Balance
  2. Agility
  3. Freedom of movement