Guitar lesson checklist

Print this page and use the checklist before departing for each of your lessons. Taping it to the inside of your guitar case lid is a good idea.

  • Check the lesson time.
  • Are your fees paid?
  • Your Guitar
  • Footstool if you are playing acoustic guitar
  • Exercise book for writing down your practice plans
  • 6B or 4B pencil (a soft, dark pencil grade which is the best for marking scores)
  • My book "Guitar Playing and how it works" which is available from the shop on this website. I will show you how to apply the book to your repertoire
  • CD or mp3 examples of the repertoire that you want to acquire.
  • Printed guitar music of that repertoire
  • Printout of your practice schedule AND the other pages from the free student resources
  • A number of printouts of the other pages from the free student resources on this website (fingerboard diagrams, blank chord diagrams etc.)