Think like Leonardo da Vinci

Michael J Gelb, author of "How To Think Like Leonardo da Vinci" talks about how the 7 principles outlined in his book, can help you:

  • Curiositá - Seek the truth
  • Dimostrazione - Demonstrate things for yourself - Take responsibility - "Obstacles will not bend me"
  • Sensazione - Cultivate awareness - "The 5 senses are the ministers of the soul."
  • Sfumato - Engage the shadow, or "going up in smoke", the hazy, mysterious quality in his paintings. Ability to embrace the unknown, "confusion endurance".
  • Arte/Scienza - Balance the masculine and feminine principles (Reductionist/Wholism)
  • Corporalitá - Integrate body and spirit
  • Connessione - Practice love/connection