What is the Guitar Repertoire?

Guitar is the most widely played instrument of the late 20th and early 21st century.

Here is a very incomplete list of genres and styles of music that include guitar.

Make up your own map, it helps to chart your progress and make decisions about directions for your playing and study. Use the guides to guitar tuition on this website to help you work out what repertoire you want to play, and then to create a plan for achieving it. Here is an example of a simple map - Baroque to Rock:

Genres of music

Some other suggestions:

  • Acoustic
  • Ambient - New Age
  • Blues
  • Classical - Baroque
  • Classical - The most sophisticated storytellers
  • Classical Guitar
  • Classical - Romantic
  • Classical - Russian
  • 20th Century Classical
  • Classical - Solo Instruments
  • Country
  • Dance
  • Jazz - Dancing, and sometimes thinking on your feet.
  • Jazz - Bebop
  • Jazz - Big Band
  • Jazz - Drums
  • Jazz - Fusion (actually all Jazz is a fusion!)
  • Jazz - Guitar
  • Jazz - Keyboard
  • Latin
  • Musicals
  • Rock - The people's voice!
  • Sound Effects
  • Soundtracks - movie soundtracks form most people's experience of sophisticated music in the 21st century.