Scales on one String

Guitar Playing and how it Works, 5th edition
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Playing scales on one string is the quickest way to develop your melody playing and expression on the guitar. You will also learn to change positions on the guitar confidently and musically.

Who are you learning from?

Peter Inglis has a 40 career spanning the dance hall, to the recording studio and ultimately the concert stage.

He has performed all styles from rock to pop, jazz to classical and now shares his experience via publications and coaching with guitarists who wants the fast track to competence.

What will you learn?

The methods used by professional musicians to refine their craft and perform.

Every concept and technique in the book has been tested in live performance over a 40 year career of professional guitar playing, in styles of music ranging from rock to classical and everything in between

Who is it for?

All styles of player from country to classical, from baroque to rock.

All skill levels:

  • Amateur guitarists who want to play better and perform.
  • Teachers who want a focussed and thorough resources for their students.
  • Professional guitarists who want to reassess their own development.
  • This book is suitable for electric and acoustic guitar.