Cork Hornpipe (Harvest Home)

Cork Hornpipe (Harvest Home) by Peter Inglis, Book 6 in The Whole Guitarist: Basic Repertoire series.

Announcing the publication of the final book in my first series of Irish Folk tunes for guitarists: "Cork Hornpipe (Harvest Home)".

If you learn to play these six tunes and understand the technique and theory, you will have gained some great repertoire and fantastic foundation skills.

Cork Hornpipe, also known as Harvest Home, is one of the most often recorded of the traditional Irish folk tunes. It is a lively dance. If you visit any Irish Pub around the world and you are very likely to hear this tune during the evening. It is also a popular tune at Bush Dances.

This arrangement is suitable for:

  • Electric guitar
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Plectrum style
  • Fingerstyle

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