Cezanne: Still Life with a Plate of Peaches, 1900

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Physical Dimensions:
Medium: Oil on canvas


Palette: Basic Orange

What will we learn in this session?

Cezanne Still Life Constructivist Brush Stroke Composition Chroma


My version. In the class you get valuable information from examining the various brush strokes in the painted version. You are free to vary your own version from the original.

Student Paintings

Suzir's very first painting was a still life by Cezanne, completed in just one session!
Suzie's very first painting
Suzie's very first painting was a still life by Cezanne completed in just one session!

Hi Peter
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my painting lesson on Sunday!
I will be back to paint another masterwork soon and you can bet I am telling all my friends how much fun the whole experience is!
Suzie. March 2016

Stage four: Adding tweaks and highlights.

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