Cezanne: Still Life with a Jug and Fruit, 1893

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Master composition and chroma with this still life by Cezanne. All the beautiful cool pastels in the background are low chroma versions of the warm colours in the foreground.

This one will look great over your couch!
Still life paintings are great for mastering your colour mixing, composition and technique.
Cezanne has already spelled out the composition and colours for us so we can concentrate on technique and emulate his beautiful textures.
Style: Impressionist
Physical Dimensions:
Medium: Oil on canvas


Palette: Basic Orange


A sketch painting. This was my first exploration of the subject. In the class we will tone the entire canvas before starting to lay in the shapes.

The background has been toned, the composition laid out and some basic shading and colour applied.

What will we learn in this session?

Cezanne Constructivist Brush Stroke Still Life

Student Paintings

A student sketching in the shapes and their relationships, using Cezanne's square - circle - triangles.

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