Cezanne: Still life with Ginger Jar and Fruit, 1895

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Paint this complex and intriguing still life by Cezanne, whose use of mixed perspective and theories of fundamental shapes opened the door for cubism.

Picasso said "without Cezanne there would have been no 20th century!"


The ginger jar in Cezanne's studio

The ginger jar in Cezanne's studio
Style: Impressionism
Physical Dimensions:
Medium: Oil on canvas


Palette: Basic Orange

What will we learn in this session?

Cezanne Still Life Constructivist Brush Stroke Composition

My version enables students to closely examine the brushtrokes, which are not easily descernible in a 2D reproduction. In this interpretation I have made the brush strokes more obvious to serve as a role model for Cezanne's "constructivist" method.

There is a wealth of colour to play with in this painting. In this corner alone we have pinks and blues creating the strong colour vibration which was favoured by the impressionists.

Notice the dissolving edges.

The white cloth picks up all kinds of colour.

You can see the genius of this type of frame, as it picks up the warms and emphasises the cools in the painting.

Student Paintings

Narelle's Cezanne. Her first I believe and what a great job! She also chose the larger canvas (45 x 60 cm) which provided an additional challenge.

Penny astounded us with this rendition. She chose not to go with Cezanne's 'constructivist' brushstrokes, opting for a more blended and subtle effect and boy oh boy it looks good!

Student Painting

Student Painting by Irene

Student Painting

Student Painting

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