Cezanne: Still Life with Apples 1890

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The original

Picasso said: " Without Cezanne there would have been no 20th century!" Let's try and get an idea of Picasso's meaning as we interpret one of Cezanne's 600+ still life paintings.

One of the several versions of this work I have painted to explore Cezanne's unique combinations of brushtrokes.

A close up of my version with real apples in the foreground.
Title: Still Life with Apples
Original Title:
Creator: Cezanne
Date Created: 1890
Style: Impressionist
Physical Dimensions:
Medium: Oil on canvas


Palette: Basic Orange

What will we learn in this session?

Student Paintings

These student paintings demonstrate yet again how much knowledge of style a passionate art lover has already absorbed. My teaching methods help them to unleash that passion and knowledge.


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