Cezanne: Apples 1878

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Use Cezanne's constructivist brushtrokes and his treatment of edges in this stylised still life.

Title: Apples 1878
Original Title:
Creator: Cezanne
Date Created: 1878
Physical Dimensions:
Medium: Oil on canvas


Palette: Basic Orange

What will we learn in this session?

What will we learn in this session?
Cezanne Composition Counterpoint Major Scale Perspective Constructivist Brush Stroke

My final version

As well as digital teaching materials we use one of my interpretations to more clearly see the brushtrokes and texture.

A thumbnail sketch helps us see the strong tonal design by removing detail.

Cezanne places seven almost identical objects into a composition which may be thought to represent the fundamental scale of Western Music.
Doh - re- mi - fa - soh - la - ti- doh
Cezanne's "constructivist" brushstrokes define planes on an object.
... they also show the variations in light falling on a surface.
Dark outlines draw our attention to edges and also to receding planes.

Student Paintings

Having found the lines of counterpoint the student is defining the darkest tones first.

Laying down a base coat of red on that apple gives the canvas a huge lift!

This student has worked on all the "positive space" first.

By way of contrast, this student has mapped all the negative space first!

Drawing the positive and negative spaces together.

Naomi's Cezanne incorporated a pop culture reference, with a couple of "smiley face" or you might call them "emoticon apples"!

The gorgeous backgound textures on Naomi's Cezanne are difficult to capture with a camera.

Penny's Apples included a Valentine!

Cherry's Apples showed her preference for Baroque texturing.

Alex managed to capture the "squared-off" shapes that Cezanne preferred. This gives the simple sphere a lot of energy.

Tina's apples displayed soft, blended textures. She later overlaid some constructivist Cezanne strokes with impasto.

Detail from Tina's Cezanne.
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