Bach’s Guitar: Master Chords and Unlock Your Right Hand | e-book


Do you want to know how to play any chord on the guitar?
When you understand and master the steps in this book you will have unlocked the ability to play any chord on the guitar using the powerful techniques of Simple Presentation and Mixed Presentation.

Example: the 1st 4 bars of Bach Prelude 1 from WTC

Bar 1. C major chord in 1st position has 1 axis. Rotating the left arm to that axis enables finger placement with minimal effort and maximum reliability. This is a SIMPLE PRESENTATION.
Bar 2. Dm/c chords shares the simple axis as the C chord, then subsequently requires allowing the arm to drop under gravity until the 4th finger can fallonto the D and the 1st finger onto F. This is a MIXED PRESENTATION
Bar 3. G/B is a SIMPLE PRESENTATION which requires moving the elbow away from the body.
Bar 4. Same as Bar 1.
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